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So, you’re on a budget (welcome to modern America) and you’re engaged and beginning the wedding-planning. It can be a scary time as you’ll notice the exceptionally high prices of everything from flowers to a live band to your dress (when DID prices get so high?!) and just envisioning the price of luxurious wedding venues makes you light in the head. We understand, we’ve been there and know that modern couples have a variety of expenses (home mortgages, educational loans, entrepreneur expenses, etc) that often take precedence over an exorbitantly lavish wedding. But we are also aware that one’s wedding is more than a simple official date on a wedding certificate, it is a celebration of life, love, and family. For many, it is the most memorable day in their entire lives and therefore much be treated as such a wonderfully special occassion.

Affordable wedding venues, like the Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel, can stun you with their elegance, impeccable location, services, and low price. The Caribbean Court is among the leading affordable wedding venues as the boutique hotel can dedicate the entire hotel (18 luxuriously appointed rooms) to the occassion, making it the definition of a genuinely intimate affair. With services like evening poolside hors d’oeuvres, private piano bar, and our lushly landscaped grounds that offer some of the most beautiful backdrops for pictures in the nation, it is easy to see why the hotel is a pioneering leader among affordable wedding venues. (To see a slideshow of images from the gardens that extend throughout our property see:

With brilliantly experienced professionals everywhere from our events coordinator to our chefs to our front desk to our gardeners, your guests will never believe that such a phenomenal wedding was actually affordable! (But shhh, we won’t tell if you don’t!)


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I offer my customers many different colors to choose from for their custom invitation designs. I hope this information will help you when you are communicating with me or other wedding specialists or general designers.


1) The colors you see on your monitor may be different than the colors I see on my monitor.  It is very common for monitors to be calibrated differently (I good test is to look at an image on your computer, then look at it on your smart phone or tablet and see how it compares).

2) You may see the color “mustard yellow” to be very different than how I see “mustard yellow.”  There are several factors that determine perception of color: gender, the cones and rods in our eyes, lighting, a person’s age, or surrounding objects can all change the way we see colors.

3) Certain colors can be “vague.”…

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lovely! so springy and feminine!


It’s all about the details for this vibrant color board! Magenta, orange, and purple come together in a stunning combination. From your seating cards to your cocktail hour floral arrangements, there’s no detail too small. I love how everything works in this elegantly tented reception setup – complete with a sparkling chandelier!

Magenta Orange Purple Wedding Inspiration - Pink Lotus Events

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Ok, so many of you got engaged over the last two months, now what?? Well, the first thing to do is set your budget, then decide how many people you can reasonably invite that will fit in your budget, once you are armed with that knowledge then you can find a venue!! Happy wedding planning!!

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You can even register for your honeymoon!

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Event Venues: so exciting!

The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel in Vero Beach, FL boasts incredible event venues for every size and type of event! With our luxurious facilities being able to accommodate both intimate affairs (4 + people) and larger gatherings (up to 400 attendees), we are the most ideal of the event venues for everything from bridal festivities to professional conferences to intimate trade shows. As we are a boutique hotel, we are able to dedicate all of our rooms (18) and all of our staff to your specific needs/ those of your attendees, and this extra attention makes it possible to host flawless events. Another distinguishing factor of The Caribbean Court among other event venues is our food, oh yes, our decadent food! On our boutique hotel property we have two restaurants that are packed with year-round with locals and tourists alike with discriminating taste. Havana Nights is our lunch venue and has a creative menu that features fresh seafood, Caribbean tastes, and tapas. At night, it becomes an upscale Piano Bar with live music and to-die-for specialty drinks. Maison Martinique is the fine French dining restaurant that features an incredibly extensive wine list and gourmet menu. The exquisite dining rooms and outdoor seating adds to the celebration and transforms your evening into a wonderful sensory experience! Factoring in our prime location (footsteps from the majestic beach) and resources (free wifi, state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment), it is clear why The Caribbean Court should be your first choice among all event venues for your special occasion!  Find out more about us at:


Planning a Meeting? Need People to Actually Attend? Read on!


The first step of planning a highly successful professional meeting is to plan for it to be held in an enticing place. Vero Beach, FL has certainly got you covered in that aspect as we boast some of the best fishing, golfing, beaches, spas, and boutique shopping in the nation! The second major consideration is to find a venue in your location of choice that has well-appointed meeting rooms of the correct size. The Caribbean Court has stellar facilities that can accommodate everywhere from an intimate meeting of 4 (or less) to large tented affairs for over 400. Meeting rooms should be wifi enabled, be stocked with consistently performing Audio/Visual equipment, and be within easy access for those out-of-town attendees who will be staying in hotel rooms. When checking into different venues’ meeting rooms, also ensure that your meeting can be catered and that drinks (like the infamous coffee all attendees thrive on) are allowed to be consumed within the rooms.  In addition, consider your other needs for meeting rooms like podiums, pull-down screens, and comfortable chairs. Thirdly, publish a schedule that includes breaks for those in attendance to check their phones/email, run to the restroom, network, walk on the beach, and enjoy a nice dinner. Knowing exactly what presentations will occur at which time/ in which of the meeting rooms, will enable a smooth execution on The Big Day. To ensure participants enjoy themselves/ opt to return to your meeting in the future, consider hosting a cocktail hour. At The Caribbean Court, a classy Piano Bar with the finest liquors and creative drink/ appetizer menu will help your participants relax, mingle, and discuss topics that have piqued his/her interest during the formal meeting.

Greek Weddings & Traditions

A post for this week’s photo challenge of the Daily post.

You may see a lot of kissing at Greek Weddings.

The Kiss is one of the deepest symbols of love and respect that one person can offer to another.

bride kissing the father before thee wedding

My most precious kisses are for the most precious men in my life
my dad and my husband….

bride kissing the groom after the wedding

The photographs in this post are from the wedding of Nektarios and Sia – 28 May 2011 – Each of these moments have been captured by

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